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How Should a Good Kindergarten Be?

We found thousands of answers to this question, with the result we reached, we designed the education style of our dreams,

''Individuals who know how to produce, who are intelligent, cultured, moral, who can construct the future, who are adapted to the Space Age and who are familiar with the Earth's resources''

We made plans like

We think that in order to gain such high-level savings, it is necessary to progress through the Happy Childhood periods gradually.

In our opinion, a Good Kindergarten is a place where Children  can be children to the fullest.

Çocuk Boyama

Our school

Our school has 5 classrooms, a kitchen, a dining hall, 4 separate WCs, a music room, a winter garden ball pool and offices in a 300 m2 closed area. 


We have 350m2 open air  Our Garden, Large Children's Park, Greenhouses, Agricultural Field and Playgrounds.


İzmir Kindergarten, Kaktüs 


yıldızlı gökyüzü

''Safety is Important for Cactus''

The safety of our children is very important for Cactus.

We keep our security measures at the highest level against all negativities that may prevent them from having fun and learning processes.

We adapt all the hard floor and material structures that may pose a danger in the classrooms according to our children and minimize the risk.

From our windows to our garden exit doors, we carefully apply security measures and record all stages.

Considering the comfort of our parents as well as our children, we provide personalized information and follow up the situation.

Pelerinli Çocuklar

Izmir Private Cactus Kindergarten

Our institution is in the status of 3-6 Age Group  Kindergarten under the TR Ministry of National Education.

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Our Associations and Organizations

Associations and Organizations we are a member of, Pre-school Education Cactus Kindergarten 

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Mutlu Grup El Kazık
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