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Son Gün 30 AĞUSTOS

Why Cactus?

İzmir Kaktüs Kindergarten works with an education method designed independently of Kindergarten Education Models.

Adhering to the pre-school education principles available today, it brings a brand new breath to all learning and discovery stages. 

Cactus Kindergarten I

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Our children are in their vast imaginations  Unwittingly Designing Our Future! While laying the foundation stones of the future in our Space and Science themed class, they discover their power to succeed..

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We know that we can keep up with Technology without being addicted to the screen. Because more Technology awaits our children in the future. Our education programs have been designed to this extent for generations who can keep up with the needs of the day and implement different Technologies.

Our native language is beautiful Turkish in Cactus.

Besides that 

We have classes in English and German. We aim to provide our children with a vision of the World , and we attach importance to Language Education that will take them one step ahead in society.

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We make our children love Mathematics. We process the mathematics that will be in front of them at every moment of their lives in a way that is completely adapted to that age group, away from the mentality by heart.

gezegen oyunu

Organic Nutrition Programs are available in our meals, but we also make room for future chefs in our kitchen :)

3D Çilek

Children who touch the soil and experience the pleasure of producing become stronger and more assertive while building their future. Kaktüse gelen each student during the harvest season  takes home vegetables and fruits that she has grown.

This is our Soil Diploma. Nature gives the note :)

Çocuk Bahçesi

Wooden Toy  Workshop

Plant and Flower Workshops

Invent Workshop

Social Responsibility Workshops

Mother Child Workshops

Ahşap Arabalar

We have a Music Class for our little musicians.

We use the power of Music in our Perception and Attention studies.

Our talent hunter Music Teacher is closely following all the notes..  

izmir kaktüs anaokulu çocuklar

Child Yoga 

We push the limits with our expert trainers, we relax,

We are learning...


In our Robotic Coding Lessons, we grasp the power of discovery and success while laying the foundations of the programming language by our Expert Trainer.


Health Sports Fun!

In certain programs, our students gain healthy life teachings in our gymnastics classes.

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In our institution, our parents are constantly informed and evaluated about Child Development and Development Processes .

Baba ve oğul

Opinions of Our Parents

I have been sending my child 2 to kindergarten for many years. Although everything seemed fine at first, I had a lot of trouble afterwards. Then I met the cactus kindergarten, kurucuları employees who is so interested in the path-3194cl358b-136bad5cf315b-blinked-a-boys But unfortunately my son can't go now because he started 1st grade. But my daughter is still so happy in cactus kindergarten, thank you all.


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İzmir Çiğli Private Cactus Kindergarten - Ministry of National Education - 3/6 Age Education Institution
Kindergarten is the first step in a child's education. It is very important to take the first steps correctly so that he can run to the future in a healthy way. In this magnificent period when our children are prepared for the future, we teach them knowledge by having fun.

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