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Our Trainings

The pre-school period is the first stage in which a child steps into education on the way to becoming an individual. At this stage, every information given to the child is very important in shaping his life. In the early stages of this long road from Games to Science, Space to Agriculture, Mathematics to Art, Cactus offers different concepts and practical training to its students.

You can review our Education Model for the Pre-School period, which we provide support to the education process that started in Alied.

Child Development Testing and Guidance

Within the scope of our Guidance Services, we analyze the behavioral conditions of our children within the family and make them feel more comfortable.

We offer monthly routine reports about our family meetings and the development of our children.

We examine our shortcomings in our school readiness tests and carry out studies to adapt our children to school.

In our family-child participation activities, we support the improvement of child psychology and family attitudes.

We prepare correct orientation plans for our children with interest determination tests.


The process by which our brain organizes and interprets incoming sensory information is called sensory integration. Sensory integration in children develops through typical childhood experiences. Babies and children first discover the world with their senses. Today, children staying at home for too long cause them to encounter less sensory stimuli and have less sensory experiences. For this reason, teaching them to use their senses effectively by stimulating them is effective in facilitating their learning and shaping their future better. However, stimulating the senses should be done through games, not just ordinary applications. Thanks to the appropriate materials and trained personnel in our institution, we meet this need of our children in the most appropriate way.


The game has a large place in the education model of the cactus. We make quotes and plans from the games at all educational stages.

Our children do not stay away from fun while learning, and they progress with pleasure in all learning processes .


In our art workshops, children participate in many activities from Painting to Creative Drama, from Ceramics to Ebru.

The works they create in the limitless world of their imaginations support their personal and sensory development.

Our children, who participate in group activities as well as their personal studies, gain concepts such as sharing, planning, competition, systematic work.

anaokulu bilim sınıfı

Our children in their vast imaginations  Unconsciously Designing Our Future! While laying the foundation stones of the future in our Space and Science themed class, they discover their power to succeed..

anaokulu bilgisayar dersi

We know that we can keep up with Technology without being addicted to the screen. Because more Technology awaits our children in the future. Our education programs have been designed to this extent for generations who can keep up with the needs of the day and implement different Technologies.

Our native language is beautiful Turkish in Cactus.

Besides that 

We have lessons in English and German  . We aim to provide our children with a vision of the World , and we attach importance to Language Education that will take them one step ahead in society.

çocuk oyuncağı

We make our children love Mathematics. We process the mathematics that will be in front of them at every moment of their lives in a way that is completely adapted to that age group, away from the mentality by heart.

teknoloji sınıfı anaokulu

Organic Nutrition Programs are available in our meals, but we also make room for future chefs in our kitchen :)

3D Çilek

Children who touch the soil and experience the pleasure of producing become stronger and more assertive while building their future. Kaktüse gelen each student during the harvest season  takes home vegetables and fruits that she has grown.

This is our Soil Diploma. Nature gives the note :)

Çocuk Bahçesi

Wooden Toy  Workshop

Plant and Flower Atölyeleri

Invent Workshop

Social Responsibility Workshops

Mother Child Workshops

Ahşap Arabalar

We have a Music Class for our little musicians.

We use the power of Music in our Perception and Attention studies.

Our talent hunter Music Teacher is closely following all the notes..  

anaokulu kaktüs çocuklar

Child Yoga 

We push the limits with our expert trainers, we relax,

We are learning...


In our Robotic Coding Lessons, we grasp the power of discovery and success while laying the foundations of the programming language by our Expert Trainer.


Health Sports Fun!

In certain programs, our students gain healthy life teachings in our gymnastics classes.

unnamed (1).jpg

In our institution, our parents are constantly informed and evaluated about Child Development and Development Processes .

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